One name down

Well, it finally happened, though a little bit unexpectedly. Someone actually spoke up and said, "Yeah, that’s me."

First Jason Grimsley, now David Segui? Another journeyman comes clean as Segui admits to Jeremy Schaap that his name is on the affidavit. It’s interesting though, in that Segui was actually using HGH under a doctor’s prescription, as his levels were lower than normal. However, he never got clearance from MLB. How uninteresting! Is this going to end up being another case like last year, where all the players who get caught are just the average Joe Baseball? I would laugh at that, given how much publicity this whole Grimsley mess has gotten.

Strong performance from the rotation two days in a row for the Cards. Let’s see if Carp can keep up the streak. Juan bombs two and is up to .280 on the season. I’ll take that, considering how terrible he was in April.

Here’s hoping for a long Cardinal winning streak in the works!


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