Laying down the arms

Well, it happened again last night. Multiple members of the pitching staff failed to hold off a good offensive team in the Tigers, getting pounded 10-6. Carpenter gave up five runs and went through stretches of dominance and weakness. He would carve up a couple of batters, and then give up consecutive hits to lose a lead. His pitches seemed to be finding all parts of the strike zone consistenly, but then would suddenly float too high and get knocked for bloop hits or line drives. Did he lose his release point? It doesn’t matter now.

The Cards have lost four in a row after winning four straight. Right now, we’re looking more like a pretender than a contender, given the recent pitching troubles. The gift of actually being able to watch my Cardinals during the Sox series was painfully wasted, as we were kicked around for 33 runs in the first two games. The third game was quite a bit more interesting, with Anthony Reyes showing why he needs to be brought into the rotation full-time by one-hitting the home team. Unfortunately, that one hit would be a bomb by Thome, resulting in a 1-0 loss.

I don’t fret about occasional pitching woes. It happens. No one is Cy Young, and even he had over 300 losses. My worry is when the entire staff starts to look bad. But why has everyone started to leave the ball up at once? When the majority of our staff starts doing things they aren’t supposed to, it’s not at all surprising to watch us lose by 8, 10, 14 runs. Mulder is on the DL now. He apparently hasn’t had as much mobility in his arm as he used to, which explains all the meatballs he threw up Tuesday.

What really scares me about all of this is that, during the course of this season, no one has been sharp for more than a couple of weeks at a time. Right now, no one is sharp at all, except Reyes. That kid will be a breath of fresh air around here, and maybe it’ll help pick the others up.

Ohbytheway, Pujols is back. And he’s still a monster that can break out a 4-4 night on occasion.


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    The thing is will he be fine through out the season he’s elbow isn’t getting any better .

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