A little luck never hurts

Once again, the importance of strong pitching performances from the starters comes through. We managed to stifle the Indians for the first few innings of the last couple of games. If we just keep that up, we’ll be okay.

For a while now, it seems like our entire team has forgotten its philosophies. Drop the bunt, get the ground ball, etc. Last night though, we came back to our roots, dropped a bunt, and took advantage of some timely errors. Granted, a spot where a squeeze would have been ideal was replaced by a timely hit, but that guy ended up scoring one way or another.

How many double plays did we get during the losing streak? 1? 2? It may have been more than that, but it didn’t feel like it. Do we blame that on Miles? Seems like he’s the only element that is different at this point. I think Cardinal Nation has been clamoring for Luna to finally get the second base position full-time, but then where does that leave Miles? We could trade him for some power on the bench. Don’t know where we’ll find that though.

I feel the Cards must make the playoffs this year to avoid a downswing like they had in the early 90s. If we don’t, the deterioration might very well begin next year. Edmonds will retire in the next couple of years, and though his bat hasn’t been as potent, who do we have that is sufficient to replace him in center field? We’ve got some talent in the minors, but as we’ve seen with our younger-than-young bullpen, younger isn’t always better.

One win is a start; now we need to go on a winning streak to get our bearings and reclaim our title as the best in the NL.



  1. crnoda@hotmail.com

    Strong pitching was till the 6th inning today, LaRussa biggest ***** today, if cardinals don’t make the playoffs everyone should point to todays game where Larussa blew it.

  2. givemeone@hotmail.com

    Well I ain’t worry we picked up kyle Loshe so when Clement and Penrio return the cardinals will have a nice starting rotation and I didn’t even mention Carpenter so watch out world cause here come the Cardinals .
    LETS GO CARDINALS 2008!!!!!!!!

    Buzzy yea it’s me.

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